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Otto Lackovič

Otto Lackovič Biography / Wiki

Name Otto Lackovič
Also Know Отто Лацкович, Oto Lackovič
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Praha, Československo [nyní Česká Republika]
Date of Birth 1927-04-05
Age(as in 2022) 80
Deathday 2008-02-04

Otto Lackovič Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Můj přítel Fabián Fabián 1955-01-07
Daleko od stromu 1957-01-01
Zodpovednosť 1959-01-01
Zajatci tmy 1964-01-01
Dlouhé dopoledne 1991-01-01
Poslední výstřel Davida Sandela Bob Jackson 1972-04-07
Everything Ends Tonight Karel Haluza 1955-02-18 Everything Ends Tonight is a Czech movie….
A 105 p.c. Alibi technical officer Karel Antos 1959-11-20 On an early Sunday evening, people of the small town are reading lottery results that are hung on a board. Young man Karel Antos is annoyed that his l…
Roztržka 1957-02-15
V páse zlomená 1966-01-01
Frona Jura Zebron 1954-09-26 Writers: Jaroslav Zrotal…
Mys Dobré naděje 1976-05-01
Balada z hadrů básník František 1960-08-17
Král a zloděj 1991-12-29
Night of Orange Fires 1975-03-01 Petr Rynes (Svatopluk Matyás) is celebrating his forty-fifth birthday in the company of his friends. He is happy with his wife, and his abilities at …
Bomba bulldozerist Jarda Sejk 1958-01-01
Advent Jan 1957-01-11
Prázdniny v oblacích Pilot 1960-05-13 In the beginning, the book of Bohumil Říha was about the aircraft of Kaneti. Both the book and the film that came out of it tell about children’s pa…
Kacafírek 1966-02-13
Chudák muzika 1981-01-01
Voyage to the End of the Universe Michal, Coordinator 1963-07-26 The year is 2163. Starship Ikaria XB 1 embarks on a mission deep into space in search of alien life. During their perilous journey the crew confront …
Almara 1971-01-01
Death Is Called Engelchen Ondra 1963-05-03 Pavel is a Czech partisan fighter in the waning days of the war. Just as peace is declared, Pavel is shot in the spine and sent to the hospital emerge…
Tenkrát o vánocích 1958-12-05
Pohádka z šafránové louky 1980-01-01
Těžká Barbora koktavý obuvník 1960-06-13
Bitva o Hedviku 1972-11-03
Radical Cut Horvath 1984-09-01
Travis 1997-02-19 Tv movie based on a story by J. Hanák….
Zálety koňského handlíře 1991-06-22
Přátelská výpomoc 1989-01-01
Prague Blues Karel (voice) 1963-11-15 African student Omar would like to return home to Angola, but he is enrolled in a three-year postgraduate research fellowship at a clinic in Prague. O…
Sedmipírek Captain of Guard 1985-01-01
Tři nevinní Kára 1974-03-01
Kozie mlieko 1951-01-05
Hádankář Vojta 1969-01-01
Murder in the Excelsior Hotel číšník Pepi 1971-10-08 In Vražda v hotelu Excelsior, the interwar period homicide detective squad from Prague investigates the murder of a wealthy woman, Mrs MatouÅ¡ová, w…
Å tvorylka MiÅ¡ko 1956-01-06 A comedy film taking an ironic view of the bourgeois period prior to the First World War….
The Tailor from Ulm Moretti 1978-12-19 The true story of the Bavarian Tailor Albrecht Berblinger who, after a strange encounter with a balloon starts building a flying machine. Although not…
Incomplete Eclipse Ridič nákladního automobilu TIR 1983-02-01 Marta (Lucie Patikova) was blinded in an accident brought on by her careless and indulgent younger sister. Now in a school for the blind, Marta keeps …
Slečny pÅ™ijdou pozdÄ›ji 1966-05-20 Unknown plot…
No Entrance (segment “Wandering”) 1960-05-20
Začít znova 1964-03-13
Volanie démonov 1968-03-14
Mrtvý princ 1972-01-09
The Windy Mountain Rudolf Pecián 1956-02-03
Silvery Wind 1956-11-30 Second half of the 19th century. In a small town in South Bohemia, fifth-former Jan Ratkin is living through the confusions of first love together wit…
Passing Through a Thick Forest 1964-04-10
Chytrost má děravé šaty 1976-01-11
The Song of the Grey Pigeon 1961-05-01 An unusual children’s film set during World War II in Czechoslovakia, this compelling drama unfolds five different segments that present the war throu…
Å ach mat 1964-01-01
Trhala fialky dynamitem 1992-11-19
Trezor Rys 1989-01-01
Against All Ondrej Joha 1957-10-04 After the battle of Sudoměř the Hussite teaching spreads through the whole country and people start leaving their homes to help build the fortificat…
Nad námi svítá 1953-03-27
Mladé srdcia 1952-01-01
Čertův švagr 1984-01-01
Kronika žhavého léta 1973-08-31
Homeland Bobán 1954-02-24 The first Slovakian colour film. A celebration of traditional Slovakian folklore and creativity expressed through a story of young love ….
The Case of Dead Schoolmates vÄ›zeň Václav Berda 1977-02-18 A West German businessman Friedrich Schmidt is arriving to Czechoslovakia with private mission and mission for Intelligence service. He wants to settl…
O princezně, která pořád vařila 1967-05-14
Boomerang 1997-01-29 The story, written by former George Stransky former political prisoners and today’s chairman Pen Club is situated to 50 years and uranium camp of poli…
Niet inej cesty 1968-09-20
Jan Žižka Ondrej 1956-02-05 The second part of the revolutionary Hussite trilogy takes place in the years 1419-1420….
Magnolia 1972-01-01
První parta 1960-02-19
‘Okay, Boss…!’ 1977-12-22 Láda Pitras (Ludek Sobota) and Oto Vacák (Petr Nározný) founded in the company Pragokov a Research department of recruitment of labor. For recruit…
Four Murders Are Enough, Darling José Antonio 1971-07-16 Two criminal gangs are ruthlessly fighting for a 1-million dollar check that, purely by chance, got into the flat of shy high school teacher George Ca…
Poslední zastávka smrt 1990-01-01
I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen 1970-02-27 This futuristic science fiction comedy features an atomic bomb blast that causes women to grow beards and lose the ability to have children. A summit …
Circus in the Circus официант 1976-02-13 To Moscow have arrived the participants of the international conference of the zoophilologists and also the international jury which is to elect for t…
Kohout plaší smrt 1962-05-18
The Pilgrimage to the Holy Virgin 1961-05-19 Farmers get away from their arguments by embarking on a religious pilgrimage, enjoy a picnic en route, and on their return decide to form a cooperativ…
Marketa Lazarová 1967-11-24 Mikolás and his brother Adam end up with a young German hostage of noble blood during a robbery. While their clan prepares for the wrath of the Germa…
Bubny 1965-03-12
The Good Soldier Å vejk 1957-08-23 Good-natured and garrulous, Å vejk becomes the Austrian army’s most loyal Czech soldier when he is called up on the outbreak of World War I — althoug…
PochodnÄ› worker 1961-03-10
Maratón 1968-12-31 It is 5 May 1945 and the uprising against the hated German occupiers has broken out in Prague. The Czech guards open the gate of the Pankrác prison t…
When You Have a Holiday Dominique 1967-04-04 Eight-year old Dominique has a name-day. Her parents have a gift for her, but only give it to her in the evening, when everybody has come home from wo…
The Girl on the Broomstick Ind 1972-09-08 Dívka na koÅ¡tÄ›ti or The Girl on the Broomstick is a 1972 Czechoslovak fantasy-comedy film directed by Václav Vorlíček. It tells a story of a tee…
Dvacátý devátý 1975-04-25
Women Offside Inter Fan (voice) 1971-07-20 Kastl is a hairdresser but his real passion is his second job as football referee. This job takes all his free time and makes his wife very nervous….

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