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Viola Lyel

Viola Lyel Biography / Wiki

Name Viola Lyel
Also Know
Gender Female
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Hull, Humberside, England, UK
Date of Birth 1896-12-09
Age(as in 2022) 75
Deathday 1972-08-14

Viola Lyel Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
Let Me Explain, Dear Angela Hunter 1932-01-01 A husband flirts with a pretty girl after a taxi smash, but a delicate situation ensues when he has to explain the presence of her necklace in his poc…
Hobson’s Choice Maggie Hobson 1931-10-02 A coarse boot-shop owner becomes outraged when his eldest daughter decides to marry a meek cobbler….
After Office Hours Miss Janus 1932-06-30 A bird’s-eye view of life in a City of London office….
Over the Garden Wall Gladys 1934-06-20 An aunt objects to the romance between her niece and a neighbour’s nephew, and steps in to put an end to the love affair – with comic consequences…..
Passing Shadows Mrs. Willett 1934-10-22 The film stars Edmund Gwenn, who plays a chemist, whose son Lawrence (played by Barry MacKay) is attacked on a train. He appears to have shot the man….
The Shop at Sly Corner 1946-07-21 A shrewd ex-prisoner runs a successful antique shop — until his assistant discovers the collectibles are stolen goods and begins blackmailing him….
A Political Party Mary Smithers 1934-07-09 A north-country chimney sweep standing for Parliament is opposed by a local bigwig. His campaign is imperiled when his artist son, Tony, falls in love…
Suspended Alibi Mrs. Winnie Beamster 1957-02-01 A married man having an affair visits a friend to establish an alibi for a rendezvous with his girlfriend. His friend is murdered the same night and h…
The Little Hut Miss Edwards 1957-05-03 Sir Philip Ashlow (Stewart Granger), his neglected wife, Lady Ashlow (Ava Gardner) and his best friend Henry Brittingham-Brett (David Niven) are shipw…
Black 13 Mrs. Barclay 1953-11-30 The son of a college professor who turns to a life of crime after killing a pedestrian in an automobile accident….
Marry Me Frau Krause 1932-01-01 A British musical comedy film directed by Wilhelm Thiele…
The Farmer’s Wife Thirza Tapper 1941-04-20 Eden Philpotts’ “provincial” comic novel and play The Farmer’s Wife was first filmed in the silent era by Alfred Hitchcock. The 1940 talkie version wa…
Wanted for Murder Mabel Cooper 1946-06-17 The son of a notorious hangman is gradually becoming insane and he finds himself unable to resist the urge to strangle women to death….
Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill Mrs. Comber 1948-09-27 A handsome young master at a boys school incurs the jealousy of an embittered colleague. From the novel by Hugh Walpole….
No Place for Jennifer Music Mistress 1950-01-17 A young girl goes through the trauma of her parent’s divorce and seperate re-marriages….
Isn’t Life Wonderful! Aunt Jane 1954-11-10 Around the turn of the century, in England, alcoholic Uncle Willie is the bane of his family, of which his brother-in-law is the family spokesman. It …
It’s Not Cricket Hearty Female 1949-04-01 Kicked out of Army Intelligence, a pair of upper class twits set up as private detectives. The result is refined English chaos. ” This is the regettab…
Quiet Wedding Miss Briggs 1941-04-19 A young couple become engaged, but enjoy a number of comedic aventures before their wedding day….

Credit: TMDB

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