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Willy Fritsch war der bekannteste deutsche Schauspieler neben Hans Albers und Heinz Rühmann in den vierziger Jahren, er drehte mehrere Filme mit Lillian Harvey bis diese nach Frankreich emigrierte

Er ist der Vater des Schauspielers Thomas Fritsch

Willy Fritsch

Willy Fritsch Biography / Wiki

NameWilly Fritsch
Also KnowWilhelm Egon Fritz Fritsch, Willi Fritsch, Вилли Фрич
Known ForActing
Place of BirthKattowitz, Upper Silesia, Germany [now Katowice, Slaskie, Poland]
Date of Birth1901-01-27
Age(as in 2022)72

Willy Fritsch Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Ein toller EinfallPaul Lüders1932-05-12A series of stupid coincidences causes the young Munich painter Paul to convert his uncle’s castle into a hotel for four weeks. But he can’t complain…
Woman in the MoonWolf Helius1929-10-14A scientist discovers that there’s gold on the moon. He builds a rocket to fly there, but there’s too much rivalry among the crew to have a successful…
When the White Lilacs Bloom AgainWilly Forster1953-11-24Married couple Willy and Therese go separate ways. Willy leaves town and returns years later as a famous singer. But Therese is about to marry her bes…
Amphitryon: Happiness from the CloudsJupiter / Amphitryon1935-07-18Lamenting Thebian women are waiting for the men to come back from war. God Jupiter is attracted to one of them: Alkmene. He goes to earth and tries to…
I Learned It from FatherClemens Andermann1964-08-28
Viennese SpiritCount Georg Wolkersheim1942-04-03A musical comedy directed by Willi Forst….
Wo die alten Wälder rauschenHarald Rehm1956-09-14
BurglarsDurand1930-12-15The young wife of a rich old husband is prevented of a fling by a gentleman-burglar, who falls in love to her….
Lucky KidsGil Taylor, Reporter1936-09-19After completing work on the British musical Invitation to the Waltz, Lillian Harvey returned to her adopted country of Germany to star in the comedy-…
Junge AdlerAusbildungsleiter Roth1944-05-24Director Brakke has good reason to be happy: he has just received the news that his son, Theo, won first place in the local boat race. To be sure, h…
Die GeliebteTherese1939-07-27A love story between officer von Warp coming from a wealthy family and salesgirl Therese. When the social rules of the time would force the officer to…
Menschen ohne VaterlandOberleutnant Maltzach1937-02-16
Was macht Papa denn in Italien?Studienrat Hanselmann1961-09-07
Der FrechdachsJunger Mann1932-04-28
BoccaccioPetruccio, Stadtschreiber1936-07-30The residents of the town of Ferrara are swept up in a tide of emotion and physical passion by the writings of a Renaissance author. Before long, the…
LiebesgeschichtenWerner Lüdtke1943-03-03
Die keusche GeliebtePierre Dugard, Plantagenbesitzer1940-12-27
Die tolle Susanne1945-01-01
MaxieDirektor Walter Rhomberg1954-10-13
Das leichte MädchenDietz Frobelius1941-05-27Dietz’ relatives are horrified to discover that Dietz, the son of a wealthy merchant, is planning to marry an actress, who is known to appear in rathe…
Anschlag auf BakuHans Romberg, Sicherheitsdienst-Offizier1942-08-25
Dreimal HochzeitFürst Alexander Woronin1941-06-24
Gewitterflug zu ClaudiaDroste – Flugkapitän1937-11-25
Am seidenen FadenRichard Hellwerth1938-09-22
Das Mädchen von gestern NachtStanley Stalton1938-04-01
Leichte MusePe Pe Müller1941-10-10A composer finds commercial success but has to confront difficulties in his private life….
Der kleine GrenzverkehrGeorg Rentmeister1943-04-22
The Waltz DreamNicholas Graf Preyn1926-03-14Austrian actress Mady Christians stars alongside German matinee idol Willy Fritsch in this adaptation of the Oscar Straus operetta about a Prince who,…
Mit Eva fing die Sünde anGregor1958-08-14
A Prince’s Young LoveFürst Leopold von Anhalt-Dessau1933-12-22Period romance set in Bismarck’s Second Empire about a nobleman who wants to marry the daughter of a lowly pharmacist….
Liebe ist ja nur ein MärchenDr. Lindenberg1955-12-16
Die verschleierte Maja1951-08-30
Die unvollkommene LiebeThomas Holk1940-10-17
König für eine NachtKönig Ludwig I von Bayern1950-12-22
A Sister of SixCount Horkay1926-12-28A silent romantic comedy…
Hallo – Sie haben Ihre Frau vergessenDr. Hans Ollendorf1949-01-07
Zwischen den ElternDr. Hans Ravenborg, Arzt1938-03-02
Der Himmel kann wartenAlexander Allerson1962-02-17
Hallig HoogeTetze Tetens1923-01-17
Zwölf Herzen für CharlyDr. Wolfgang Amadeus Wagenbichler / Charly1949-05-06
His Late ExcellencyFürst Ernst Albrecht1927-09-16In the Ruritanian kingdom of Leuchtenstein, the old ruler has just died. His subjects are a bunch of intrigants, and his only real friend was the Baro…
His Wife, the Unknown1923-10-19A war blind painter marries his nurse. But after he can see again through an operation, he does not recognize her. Then she decides to leave him in or…
Docks of HamburgKlaus Brandt1928-10-10When Hamburg ship’s mate Klaus Brandt catches a thief one night at the port, his downfall is pre-ordained. For the thief turns out to be a young, attr…
I by Day, You by NightHans1932-11-29A nightclub waiter and a manicurist share the same room, he sleeps there by night and she by day. They’ve never meet , but they can’t stand each other…
A Blonde’s DreamWilly I1932-09-23Rival window cleaners Willy I and Willy 2 befriend Jou-Jou, an aspiring dancer, who has been tricked out of money by a con-man posing as an American m…
Waltz WarPauker Gustl1933-10-03
Mikosch rückt einOberst von Körömsbös1952-10-08
Women Are Better DiplomatsRittmeister von Karstein1941-10-31A seductive dancer (Marika Rökk) helps her uncle to fight against the closing of his casino. Through her feminine charm she achieves diplomatic succe…
HokuspokusPeter Bille1930-07-10Hokuspokus is a 1930 German comedy film directed by Gustav Ucicky and starring Lilian Harvey, Willy Fritsch and Oskar Homolka. It was an adaptation of…
The Congress DancesZar Alexander von Russland / Uralsky1931-09-29Vienna glove-sales-lady Christel falls in love with Russian Czar Alexander. Austrian Prince Metternich tries to use this and other pleasant diversion…
A Prussian Love StoryPrinz Wilhelm von Preußen1938-01-01The film depicts the love affair between William I and Elisa Radziwill….
Seven SlapsWilliam Tenson MacPhab1937-08-02William MacPhab loses seven-pounds in the stock market and decides to slap the man who was responsible for the stock manipulation that caused him to l…
Hungarian RhapsodyLt. Franz Graf v. Turoczy1928-01-02Directed by Hanns Schwarz….
Prinzessin TurandotKalaf1934-11-30
In the Employ of the Secret ServiceThomas Higgins1931-08-13During WWI a German agent receives an order to find out when the Russian army will carry out its expected attack against the German lines….
Black RosesErkki Collin1935-12-23Erkki Collin is a hunted man. The Czar’s soldiers have been close on the heels of the leader of the rebellious Finns, who have been fighting the Ru…
Woman at the WheelPaul Banky1939-06-19
Schatten der NachtErnst Magnus1950-01-10
Geliebte WeltGeneraldirektor Dr. Blohm1942-10-30
Cairo SeasonTobby Blackwell1933-07-19Comedy with an Egyptian backdrop: Businessman Tobby and the Countess Stafanie wish to take all the fun away from their single parents and make them m…
Rauf und runter1964-02-29
Express Train of LoveCharley1925-05-06Silent romantic comedy set on a train….
LiebeswalzerBobby Fould1930-02-07
Die InselRaak, Handelsattaché1934-08-29A case of espionage in high society: To save the reputation of his county, a diplomat voluntarily takes his own life….
Andere Zeiten – andere SittenHimself – Co-Host1967-11-16
Schön muß man seinJupp Holunder1951-02-01
Melodie des HerzensJános Garas1929-12-15A young maid from the country looses her job as maid in k.u.k. Budapest, when she stays out too long with her beau, a soldier, who’s saving money to b…
Die GattinWalter Baumann1943-08-31Puck Niklas (Jenny Jugo) loves her husband Peter even though her brother thinks he’s a no-good. She’s very charming and a bit crazy and does everythin…
The Last WaltzGraf Dimitri Sarrasow1927-08-18
Die BoxerbrautFritz Spitz1926-09-01
Mother and ChildWerner1924-11-13
The Innocent SusanneRené Boislurette1926-11-11Naughty Susanne leads an exciting double life between her hometown and Paris: in the provincial nest she is considered the ever virtuous and down to e…
Her Dancing Partner1925-11-06
Der Heiratsschwindler1922-05-09
The Girl with a Patron1925-12-21The Girl with a Patron (German: Das Mädchen mit der Protektion) is a 1925 German silent comedy film directed by Max Mack and starring Ossi Oswalda, W…
DerbyGutsbesitzer Herr Dahlen1949-08-27
The Three from the Filling StationWilly1930-09-15Die Drei von der Tankstelle, meaning The Three from the Gas Station, was advertised as a German operetta when release and with it’s star studded cas…
Der schräge OttoAlexander Korty1957-01-09
Ferien vom IchDr. Hartung1952-11-10
DamenwahlHerbert Blank1953-08-20
HubertusjagdOtto von Lindenberg1959-12-22The young Monika Dahlhoff returns from the USA after two years. As soon as she arrives, she learns that her father wants to sell his traditional stud …
SchwarzwaldmelodieHerbert Olberg1956-08-09
Mädchen mit BeziehungenDr. Kobel1950-09-15An unemployed engineer who does not want his fiancee to protect him has accidentally insulted his future boss, unknown and for no reason. From this me…
Kätchen für allesGeorg Vorster1949-10-17
Das Leben geht weiterAxel Aressen1945-01-01
Adventure in RioSilvester1955-04-08A remake of the 1940 film of the same title. It was shot on location in Brazil with separate German and Italian versions….
Her Grace CommandsLeutnant Karl von Conradi1931-03-03An emancipated Princess, who has just returned home to her court in the Balkans from England, goes in disguise to a servants’ bal and falls in love …
Hungarian RhapsodyGroßherzog1954-04-14
FinaleDr. Thomas Benninghoff1948-01-11Venice Film Festival 1948…
Der Farmer aus TexasAkke1925-10-21
Die wunderschöne GalatheeMarcel Thomas1950-04-13
Ihr dunkler Punkt1929-01-19
At the well in front of the gateRoberts Vater1952-12-18
Solange noch die Rosen blüh’nRichard Kühn1956-12-21Another German Heimatfilm….
Der fröhliche WandererKurt Henner1955-01-01
The Heath Is GreenAmtsrichter1951-11-14After the end of World War II Lüder Lüdersen, the former owner of a feudal estate in the East, and his daughter Helga arrive as refugees in the Lün…
Zwei Herzen im MaiGesenius1958-01-19
Von Liebe reden wir späterProfessor Christian Hollmann1953-03-05
Streit um den Knaben JoHans Eckardt1939-09-22
Schuldig1928-03-19“Guilty” – Thomas Feld returns home after 16 years in prison to find his wife Magda and daughter Maria fell in the hands of Peter Cornelius, the owner…
The Three from the Filling Station1956-05-09Three young men working at a filling station fall in love with the same woman….
The Bellboy and the Playgirls1962-02-12The bellboy aspires to be a private eye and is reading a book to learn the trade. The ‘suspicious’ activities of women in the hotel give him a chance …
Die Töchter ihrer ExzellenzGraf Marenzi d. Jüngere1934-05-17
Three from the Gasoline StationKonsul Willy Kossmann1955-12-21Robert, Peter and Fritz are the best of friends … and hopelessly broke. But they don’t let that stop them and in short order, they end up renting a …
Die FledermausGefängnisdirektor Frank1946-08-16Produced in 1944, finished and released in 1946….
Isola BellaKonsul Stülcken1961-11-03Consul daughter Anne Stülcken wants to take her fiancee undetected under the magnifying glass and therefore slips in her father’s villa in the role o…
SpiesNo. 326″1928-03-22The mastermind behind a ubiquitous spy operation learns of a dangerous romance between a Russian lady in his employ and a dashing agent from the gover…
Weg in die VergangenheitWerner Schrey1954-12-20
Drei Tage MittelarrestMajor von Faber1955-09-08
Miss Venus1921-09-16Maud Goodin is the daughter of a millionaire, content with her present life, but she is an interesting conquest for those wants to get on the social l…
Das DonkosakenliedChefarzt Dr. Burger1956-11-14After the death of his mother, little Peter lives with his great sister Helga at his adoptive father Professor Hartmann. Peter is seriously ill, can n…
Film Without Titleals er selbst1948-01-23A screenwriter comes up with a story about an affair between a maid and her employer….
Sweetheart of the GodsGunzel1960-04-11Biography of the famous German actress Renate Müller, who died in 1937 under unsettled circumstances; While doing her first movie for the UFA in Berl…
Die Beine von DoloresHerr Lehmann1957-01-01
Schwarzwälder KirschArthur Altenberg1958-08-01
Wenn die Heide blühtDr. Erdmann1960-10-20


Movie NameJobRelease DateOverview
Einer spinnt immerWriter1971-07-30A comedy directed by Franz Antel….
Austern mit SenfWriter1979-08-10Luc and Gaston are French bus drivers who would do almost anything for pretty girls. Thus they “borrow” one of their firms busses in order to bring so…
Elisabeth – Kaiserin von ÖsterreichWriter1972-12-20
Die Kleine mit dem süßen PoWriter1975-01-16German sex comedy…

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