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Wolfgang Preiss (27 February 1910 at Nuremberg – 27 November 2002 at Baden-Baden) was a German theatre, film and television actor.

The son of a teacher, in the early 1930s Preiss studied philosophy, German and drama. He also took private acting classes with Hans Schlenck, making his stage début in Munich in 1932. He went to appear in various theatre productions in Heidelberg, Königsberg, Bonn, Bremen, Stuttgart and Berlin.

In 1942 he made his film d̩but Рhe was exempted from military service specifically Рin the UFA production Die grosse Liebe with Zarah Leander. After the end of the Second World War Preiss returned to the theatre, and from 1949 worked extensively dubbing films into German.

In 1954 he returned to film acting, appearing in Alfred Weidenmann’s Canaris. The following year Preiss played the lead role of Claus von Stauffenberg in Falk Harnack’s film Der 20. Juli, which dramatised the 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler. This role brought Preiss to popular attention and also the 1956 Federal Film Award.

From now on Preiss was largely typecast in the role of the upright and obligation-conscious German officer to the other A-list actor playing the Fanatic (I.E. Paul Scofeld in The Train) a part he played in many films, later reprising it in numerous international productions, predominantly in Italy and the USA, while occasionally playing a more typically cynical or brutal Nazi officer.

Preiss appeared in such productions as The Longest Day (1962), Otto Preminger’s The Cardinal (1963), and with Jean-Paul Belmondo in Is Paris Burning? (1966). He starred alongside Burt Lancaster in John Frankenheimer’s The Train (1964), Frank Sinatra in Von Ryan’s Express (1965), Robert Mitchum in Anzio (1968), with Richard Burton, in the title role of Erwin Rommel in Raid on Rommel (1971), and The Boys From Brazil (1978) with Gregory Peck. He also appeared in several Italian language films, credited as “Luppo Prezzo”, and played Field Marshal Von Rundstedt in Richard Attenborough’s all-star war epic A Bridge Too Far (1977).

In addition, for the cinema-going public of West Germany he became the epitome of the evil genius in his role as Doctor Mabuse, a role he first played in 1960 (following Rudolf Klein-Rogge) in Fritz Lang’s The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse. He went on to play the role four more times.

In the 1980s Preiss turned to television, notably playing General Walther von Brauchitsch in the American TV mini-series Winds of War and War and Remembrance, based on the books of Herman Wouk.

In 1987 received a second Federal Film Award for his outstanding work in film.

In film dubbing Preiss provided the voice for such actors as Lex Barker, Christopher Lee, Anthony Quinn, Claude Rains, Richard Widmark, as well as that of Conrad Veidt as “Major Strasser” in the remastered version of Casablanca.

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Wolfgang Preiss

Wolfgang Preiss Biography / Wiki

NameWolfgang Preiss
Also KnowWolfgang Price
Known ForActing
Place of BirthNuremberg, Germany
Date of Birth1910-02-27
Age(as in 2022)92

Wolfgang Preiss Acting Movies

Movie NameCharacterRelease DateOverview
Von der Liebe besiegtMario Clar1956-12-20
The Plot to Assassinate HitlerOberst Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg1955-06-21A disillusioned Wehrmacht officer named Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944….
General Oster – Verräter oder Patriot?Generalmajor Oster1970-08-27
Flachsmann als ErzieherFlachsmann1968-01-14
Leb wohl, mein TraumJames Merrill1963-04-05
Das Mädchen und der StaatsanwaltStaatsanwalt Soldan1962-03-08
Sir Henri DeterdingSir Henri Deterding1970-09-03
MeinungsverschiedenheitenAnthony Wilcox1968-04-23
Der Minister und die EnteMinister1970-12-31
Der Fall Kapitän Behrens. Fremdenlegionäre an BordKapitän Behrens1966-02-04
Confessions of a Sixteen-Year-OldGünther Brandt1961-01-27
Das tödliche PatentCharles Reese1963-07-16
Der CornetFreiherr von Pirovano1955-12-16Adventure film based on a Rilke poem….
Land der Väter, Land der SöhneBernauer1989-04-27A young journalist researches the life of his father which leads him to path of contradictions until he uncovers a gruelling truth….
Konto ausgeglichenRobert Jacobi1959-07-25
Legion of the DamnedColonel Ackerman1969-08-12A British Colonel is angry with his superiors after his entire platoon is slaughtered by the Germans in what he saw as a suicide mission. So for his n…
Grabenplatz 17Kriminalkommissar Dr. Jäger1958-07-16Murder mystery about the disappearance of a boy who has leukaemia following the murder of his mother, which he witnessed….
Doctor Without ScruplesDr. Westorp1959-09-04
Frühstück mit dem TodStaatsanwalt Ted Talbot1964-06-04
PeenemündeOberst Dornberger1970-08-11
Riviera-StoryArthur Dahlberg1961-12-07
Der Fall PetkovDr. Georgi Dimitrov1968-02-23
Liebe, Love, l’Amour1969-03-11
Hannibal BrooksCol. von Haller1969-01-18A POW in World War II is put to work in a Munich zoo, looking after an Asian elephant. The zoo is bombed by the Americans and the director of the zoo …
The Curse of the Green EyesProf. von Adelsberg1964-04-09The German police cannot solve the mystery of the seven murders which have alarmed the local villagers. They call in Inspector Doren of Interpol, and …
The Fifth CordPolice inspector1971-08-17A journalist finds himself on the trail of a murderer who’s been targeting people around him, while the police are considering him a suspect in their …
Stalingrad: Dogs, Do You Want to Live Forever?Major Linkmann1959-04-07In the winter of 1943, against the background of battle scenes, a young German Lieutenant who increasingly distrusts the inhuman Nazi ideology struggl…
The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. MabuseProf. Jordan/Peter Cornelius/Dr. Mabuse1960-09-13A reporter is murdered while driving to his job. The Police are contacted by a clairvoyant who saw the death in a vision, but some dark force is preve…
Raid on RommelGen. Erwin Rommel1971-02-12Captain Foster plans on raiding German-occupied Tobruk with hand- picked commandos, but a mixup leaves him with a medical unit led by a Quaker conscie…
Sharks and Little FishU-Bootkommandant Lüttke1957-09-26Four young German naval cadets begin their military service in 1940; only one of them will survive….
Mrs. Harris – Der geschmuggelte HenryEarl of Wereford1987-02-02
Mrs. Harris – Ein Kleid von DiorEarl of Wereford1982-12-29
Mrs. Harris fährt nach MoskauEarl of Wereford1987-12-12
Forget MozartBaron Gottfried van Swieten1985-09-12In the dead of night, a few hours after Mozart’s death, the usual suspects are summoned to Mozart’s room by Count Pergen, head of the secret police, w…
The Black CobraStanislas Raskin1963-05-16
SchinderhannesGendarm Adam1957-01-13
Die Insel der KrebseGeneral1975-11-11
Ich war ihm hörigDr. Leipold1958-04-01
The Girl with the Cat EyesCarlo Gormann1958-11-28A police commissioner investigates an auto theft ring in Hamburg following the murder of an inspector….
DiamantenpartyKonsul Eduard van Düren1973-06-10
Eine ungeliebte Frau1974-01-05
The Italians They Are CrazyHans1958-04-05In a German prison camp, some Italian prisoners bet with the commander that they will be able to build a church in two hours….
Wo liegt Jena?Robert1967-06-16
The Terror of Doctor MabuseDr. Mabuse1962-09-06Dr. Mabuse has been locked away for years in an insane asylum. Suddenly crimes start occurring and no one knows the culprit. A detective goes to visit…
Playgirl 701969-11-27Italian comedy….
The Master TouchMiller1972-12-08A master thief, just out of prison, concocts a risky final score that would net him over a million dollars….
Spy Today, Die TomorrowSebastian (BND chief)1967-08-11Millionaire Baretti pays a gang to rob an atomic bomb from an American silo, and then blackmails the USA Government for a huge amount of money. German…
Ghost of LoveZighi1981-04-03Over two decades after their affair ended, a married man is haunted by the presence of his former lover….
CanarisOberst Holl1954-12-29Admiral Canaris is chief of the intelligence service of Nazi Germany. His department is quite successful and Hitler grants him all the money he wants …
Die Kriegsbrautvon Bogendorf1974-11-02
The Mad ExecutionersMorel Smith1963-11-22A group of hooded vigilantes hang wrong-doers with a rope stolen from Scotland Yard’s Black Museum….
Mistress of the WorldDr. Henrik Brandes1960-04-14Professor Johansson has made a huge scientific breakthrough; a device that will create a huge magnetic pulse that knocks out all electricity over a co…
StresemannHeinz Becker1957-01-11
Oberarzt Dr. SolmDr. Hartung1955-03-17
100 HorsemenSheik Abengalbon1964-12-30Don Fernando, the son of El Cid, rallies peasants and townspeople to overthrow Moorish occupiers in medieval Spain….
Ein Mann namens ParvusBrockdorff-Rantzau1984-04-10
Jungfrau aus zweiter HandLeiter der Mordkommission1967-03-29
Straße der GerechtenJoseph Blake1959-03-19
Das Haus LunjowoGeneralmajor Lattmann1970-01-29
Die 1000 Glotzböbbel vom Dr. Mabuse(archive footage)2018-08-30
The Great LoveOberleutnant von Etzdorf1942-06-12The attractive Oberleutnant Paul Wendlandt is stationed in North Africa as a fighter pilot. While in Berlin to deliver a report he is given a day’s le…
Mill of the Stone WomenDoctor Loren Bolem1960-08-30Hans von Arnam travels to a Flemish village to study a strange carousel located in an old windmill that displays famous murderesses and other notorio…
LafayetteBaron Kalb1962-02-14
Jack of DiamondsWilhelm Von Schenk1967-11-10The protégé of a famous cat burglar reluctantly agrees to join forces with a lesser criminal in the daring heist of several famous jewels from a see…
Mrs. Harris – Freund mit Rolls RoyceEarl of Wereford1984-12-25
Falschmünzer am Werk1951-03-01
HürdenlaufExzellenz Lohmüller1969-02-20
Prisoner of the VolgaGeneral Gorew1959-03-26Prisoner of the Volga…
Gorilla’s WaltzOtto Lohn1959-10-07This is the third feature in a series about an intrepid French spy by the nickname of “The Gorilla,” but unlike the earlier films, this time around Ro…
The TrainMaj. Herren1964-09-24As the Allied forces approach Paris in August 1944, German Colonel Von Waldheim is desperate to take all of France’s greatest paintings to Germany. He…
Darkness Fell on GotenhafenDr. Beck1960-02-25The film depicts the first month of 1945 when the Russian Red Army broke into the eastern part of Germany and forced millions of civilians to flee in …
The Invisible Dr. MabuseDr. Krone / Dr. Mabuse1962-03-30Strange things happen in a revue theatre. The dancer Maria seems to be hunted by an invisible admirer. When the body of a probable FBI agent is found …
Mrs. Harris fährt nach Monte CarloEarl of Wereford1989-02-22A comedy directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb….
JohannisnachtMac Fadden1956-10-29
Dr. Mabuse vs. Scotland YardGeist von Dr. Mabuse1963-09-20The spirit of the evil Dr. Mabuse takes over the body of a famous professor. The professor/Dr. Mabuse then begins a new crime wave that terrorizes the…
Dead RunNoland1967-08-10A thief gets hold of some top secret papers and is chased around Europe by the sinister Organisation….
The Salzburg ConnectionFelix Zauner1972-08-30An American lawyer on vacation in Europe is asked by a book publisher to stop by the Austrian town of Salzburg to see a photographer who’s taking pict…
The Big DeliriumArtmann1975-04-30A young peasant named Pierre makes friends with John and his sister Sonia, young bourgeoisie, who invite him to their home. Pierre soon falls in love …
BackfireGrenner1964-09-04A greedy gold smuggler hires a handsome hero to transport a stolen fortune to a new hideout accompanied by the smuggler’s sexy girlfriend….
To Skin a SpyChalieff1966-08-24A French secret agent gets a license to kill when he is sent to Vienna to plug a security leak in this routine spy saga. He is caught in the crossfire…
Roses for the ProsecutorGeneralstaatsanwalt1959-09-24April 1945. Because he stole two bars of chocolate, the soldier Rudi is sentenced to death by the court-martial judge Dr. Schramm. Rudi manages to esc…
The Second VictoryFather Albertus1987-06-04
Die erste LegionDr. Peter Morell1964-08-27
Like Once Lili MarleenAlfred Linder1956-09-20
Lang soll er leben1987-02-08
The Death Ray of Dr. MabuseDr. Mabuse1964-09-17The evil Dr. Mabuse develops a death ray with which he threatens the world….
Das Leben in meiner HandMinister1966-06-13
The Crew of the DoraStaffelarzt Dr. Wagner1943-11-01German film about Luftwaffe pilots. It depicts a love triangle involving two of them being overcome by their participation in battle together….
The Bloodstained ButterflyThe Prosecutor1971-09-10When a young female student is savagely killed in a park during a thunderstorm, the culprit seems obvious: TV sports personality Alessandro Marchi, s…
Die AnstaltDr. Reinecke1978-10-27
Von Ryan’s ExpressMajor Von Klemment1965-06-23Von Ryan’s Express stars Frank Sinatra as a POW colonel who leads a daring escape from WWII Italy by taking over a freight train, but he has to win ov…
Anastasia: the Czar’s Last Daughter1956-09-26In 1920, an unknown 24-year-old woman was fished out of Berlin’s Landwehr kanal after a suicide attempt. Since she has no papers and no answers to any…
The Green Devils of Monte CassinoOberstabsarzt Munkler1958-04-23German Paratroopers are ordered to hold the line at Monte Cassino in Italy, and halt the allied advance on Rome….
The StandardOberst1977-11-25During the final days of the First World War, Officer Menis does his duty in defending the battle flag of the defeated Austro-Hungarian empire, while …
Code Name: JaguarCaptain Parker1965-08-13CIA agent Jeff Larson is sent to investigate suspicious activities at a U.S. base located in southern Spain. He discovers the base is being heavily mo…
TamaraFather Bricks1968-01-25A journalist gets involved in a murder case in northern Germany….
Der BanditendoktorAmerikaner1957-11-19
Du stirbst nicht allein – Ein deutscher Kriegspfarrer in ParisGeneral1973-03-23
The Counterfeit TraitorColonel Nordoff1962-04-17Blacklisted in modern day WW2, a Swedish oil trader opts to assist British Allies, by means of infiltrating and surveying Nazi Germany….
Before SundownDr. Hahnefeld, Syndikus der Clausen-Werke1956-07-06Based on a play by Gerhardt Hauptmann, the film details a bittersweet May-December romance between ageing Mathias Clausen (Albers) and young, beautifu…
Death on a Rainy DayDr. Angus Cromwell1967-09-29Two French agents fight a Chinese sect that aims to control the American Secretary of Defence via high-tech medicine, so that he would start a world w…
Dr. MKessler1990-05-24In the not-too-distant future Berlin is shocked by a series of spectacular suicides; a policeman’s investigations lead him to a beautiful, enigmatic w…
Die Herrin der Welt – Teil IIBrandes1960-04-26
The Return of Dr. MabuseDr. Mabuse1961-01-01The supposedly dead and buried Mabuse returns to his criminal activities, as his longtime foe Police Inspector Lohmann, a dauntless girl reporter, and…
BloodlineJulius Prager1979-06-29When her father is murdered, Elizabeth Roffe, a pharmaceutical company heiress, becomes the next target of an unknown killer amid the international je…
The FormulaFranz Tauber1980-12-19While investigating the death of a friend and fellow cop, Los Angeles police officer Barney Caine stumbles across evidence that Nazis created a synthe…
The Boys from BrazilLofquist1978-10-05Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman discovers a sinister and bizarre plot to rekindle the Third Reich….
AnzioField Marshal Albert Kesselring1968-07-24Allied forces land at Anzio unopposed but instead of moving straight inland their commanding officer decides to dig in. A battle-hardened war correspo…
A Bridge Too FarField Marshal Karl R.G. Von Rundstedt1977-06-15Operation Market Garden, September 1944. The Allies attempt to capture several strategically important bridges in the Netherlands in the hope of break…
Is Paris Burning?Capitaine Ebernach1966-10-26Near the end of World War II, Gen. Dietrich von Choltitz receives orders to burn down Paris if it becomes clear the Allies are going to invade, or if …
The Cardinal1963-12-12A young Catholic priest from Boston confronts bigotry, Nazism, and his own personal conflicts as he rises to the office of cardinal….
The Longest DayMaj. Gen. Max Pemsel1962-09-25The retelling of June 6, 1944, from the perspectives of the Germans, US, British, Canadians, and the Free French. Marshall Erwin Rommel, touring the d…

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