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Miguel Arenas (1902–1965) was a Spanish film actor. He emigrated to Mexico where he appeared in more than a hundred films.

Miguel Arenas

Miguel Arenas Biography / Wiki

Name Miguel Arenas
Also Know
Gender Male
Known For Acting
Place of Birth Alicante, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain
Date of Birth 1902-01-02
Age(as in 2022) 63
Deathday 1965-11-03

Miguel Arenas Acting Movies

Movie Name Character Release Date Overview
A Macabre Legacy Dr. Ernesto Duarte 1939-11-29 A plastic surgeon goes mad when he discovers that his wife have an affair. He fakes her death and disfigure her and locks her in the cellar….
Hombres del aire 1939-01-01
Más allá de la muerte 1935-11-21
Toast to Love Don Carlos 1951-01-01 Mexican feature film…
El jinete 1954-08-20 Farmhand and plantation-owner’s daughter fall in love, but class differences and stuff….
One Day with the Devil 1945-11-30 Cantinflas, on a drunken night, becomes Army soldier. Soon, he meets the Devil who tries to make it an evil being….
Mientras México duerme Méndez 1938-10-28
María 1938-01-01 The story narrates the idyllic and tragic love between María and her cousin Efraín, both natives of Valle del Cauca. In the middle of a romantic and…
Neutron Traps the Invisible Killers 1965-02-12 Masked hero El enmascarado de oro faces a criminal that turns invisible….
With all my heart 1952-01-01 Priest founds an orphanage, faces conflicts with townsfolk….
The Dead Speak Ricardo del Castillo 1935-10-16 Professor Jiménez believes the human retina retains the image of the last thing a person sees before death. Only his student Eduardo stands by him in…
Mexicanos al Grito de Guerra Conde Dubois de Saligny 1943-09-16 In times of the French Intervention, a student of Nunó, author of the Mexican National Anthem, falls in love with the niece of the French Ambassador,…
Los dos pilletes 1942-04-04 Suspicious husband deals with wife’s supposed infidelity by making his toddler son disappear into the city’s slums, where he grows to boyhood as a thi…
Toros, amor y gloria 1944-03-27 Farmhand moves to the city to be with his mother. He falls in love with the daughter of the rich family for whom she works as housekeeper, and decides…
Yolanda 1943-01-01 About the Russian dancer Yolanda who arrives in Mexico with her company in 1909. There she falls in love with the young cadet Julio. However, the infl…
The Naughty Son Don Plácido 1945-11-15 A poor young man is mistaken for a millionaire when he travels to the city to fulfill his dream of being a singer….
La leyenda del bandido Isabel’s father 1944-01-01 Mexican movie…
El último chinaco 1948-10-05 1880s-1890s rural adventure on horseback….
Mi campeón Don Ramiro 1952-06-20 Catita is a simple and poor woman who dreams of that her son stands out on something important to help her out of his humble. But she opposes to him b…
Tailored gentleman Don Simón Sicario 1954-09-01 Cantinflas works as a model of tuxedos in a prestigious store, your job is to use the smoking in the street along with an advertising sign on his back…
El Vizconde de Montecristo 1954-07-07 Inocencio Dante, the intendant of a bank, where the director Don Miguel and their children; Marga who spends money without control, Polo who spent on …
Refugiados en Madrid Don Fernando 1938-05-28 A 1938 film….
Don Juan Tenorio Don Gonzalo de Ulloa 1937-03-12 Classic legend of a playboy meeting supernatural comeuppance….
Pecado Ministro Castro López, padre de Marta 1951-03-01
Raffles Señor juez 1958-01-01
Una gallega baila mambo 1951-05-18 Ladylike widow hires a roughneck neighbor to help her marry off her daughter and collect an inheritance by impersonating her husband….
El alazán y el rosillo 1966-05-12 Two rival landowners: one is exploiting the local peasantry and dispossessing them of their land, and the other believes in fair play and justice for …
Tizoc Don Enrique del Olmo 1956-06-15 The story of an indigenous who gave his life for the love of a white woman, whom he confused, because of her beauty, with Maria the virgin, fighting a…
Cuando los padres se quedan solos Don Belarmino 1949-03-11 Mom and dad make sacrifices for the sake of their adult children. And then more sacrifices. And more….
Ley fuga 1954-08-19 As he rises through the ranks of the police department, a young officer gets more deeply involved in manipulating gang activity for personal gain….
Storm in the Ring 1963-06-07 Gangsters and crooked gamblers try to interfere with a wrestling championship….
Jinetes de la llanura Don Jesús 1966-12-29 Cowboy-hero series, first of two. Sequel: Pistoleros de la frontera….
Los dos apóstoles 1966-04-01 Two boys and two girls hook up at the big festival in a neighboring town. Once they get back home they have to deal with their families’ plans for the…
La guarida del buitre 1958-02-19 Cowboy-policeman-hero interferes with the bad guy’s plans and prevents his engaging in monkeyshines. Part of the series “Mauricio Rosales, el rayo jus…
La odalisca No. 13 1958-10-22 The Emir of Beirutistan gets the hots for a Mexican singer and arranges to have her kidnapped. Her costar and manager tag along to rescue her….
The Trial of the Vivanco Ladies Judge 1961-01-18 After being arrested the two adorable grannies spend some time in jail and then stand trial for the robberies they’ve committed….
Macario Inquisidor (uncredited) 1960-05-09 Poor, hungry peasant Macario longs for just one good meal on the Day of the Dead. After his wife cooks a turkey for him, he meets three apparitions, t…
Viviré otra vez Don Rafael de Ledesma 1940-04-26 Card-sharks blackmail a dissolute young man into participating in a big robbery; his brother takes the rap for him….
El hijo de Gabino Barrera 1965-12-23 Gabino’s son tries to find out why his father was murdered….
Vuelve el Norteño 1964-01-03 Two rival gangs of outlaws are terrorizing a small town; el Comandante and his sidekicks pit them against each other and pick up the pieces….
The Martyr of Calvary José de Arimatea 1952-04-02 The Martyr of Calvary (Spanish: El Mártir del Calvario) is a 1952 Mexican drama film directed by Miguel Morayta about the life of Christ. It was ente…
Las chivas rayadas 1964-04-02 The comical misadventures of two brothers who are part of the local soccer team and their family….
El conde de Montecristo Gerardo Villefort 1942-04-29 Adaptation of Dumas’ swashbuckler classic….
Reportaje Mr. Carlos Bernal 1953-11-13 Reporters compete for cash prize awarded for biggest scoop on New Year’s Eve….

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